Talep Formu

Eco Life

it is now a Fashion in Istanbul ,
to adopt the sustainability as a life style

During and after the construction, Toya Moda considers the environment through its perfect structure with lower carbon emission and higher energy efficiency. 70% of the project is allocated as green field based on the sustainability policy to contribute to the idea to make the world a better place for the next generations. The project is a candidate for the gold level of the LEED certificate issued by the US Green Building Council.

contributions of the green buildings
to our lives and the environment;

Both the value of the urban living spaces and the economic value of the structure itself get increased. Damage to the natural environment is minimized during the construction. Costs for insulations systems and heating & cooling installations get reduced while the energy is saved. Landscaping uses such vegetables and trees that consume less amount of water. Natural light is made use of as much as possible for the lighting to create spacious and light-well living spaces. Natural materials that don’t pose danger to the human health are used in the construction.

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