Talep Formu

Social Life

it is now a Fashion in Istanbul ,
feel inside the pleasure of shopping

Forget about getting lost in the flood of people or wasting your time in the confined and gloomy places for shopping or your daily needs, it is now a Fashion to be at a distance of a few steps from your home to restaurants that suit all tastes and, stores of any kind. You will be a neighbor to the “Shopping Street” of Toya Moda, where restaurants, cafes, popular brand stores and markets will be at your service. A life with full of enjoyment will be waiting for you.

it is now a Fashion in Istanbul ,
to enjoy every second of your life

Forget about fighting against time to have an opportunity to be in social life, do exercise and spend time with your family under the intense work pressure, it is now a Fashion to have everything you enjoy right in your own living space. Toya Moda provides social facilities so that you spend your time with your family and friends in peace and enjoyment and, outdoor and indoor sports facilities so that you keep fit in summer and winter. You will free to enjoy the fresh air under the shadow of the trees covered by the refreshing atmosphere from the landscaping specially designed in the common areas.

it is now a Fashion in Istanbul ,
to live without postponing life

Forget about dedicating your life to the digital world on the small monitors, it is now a Fashion to get a long-awaited hobby that will color your life. Painting, music and sculpture studios from Toya Moda will bring out the artist inside the adults and children. The relaxing affect of the art is not part of your life.

it is now a Fashion in Istanbul ,
you may enjoy the life at the city center

Only if your children at the center of your life are always happy and cheerful. Toya Moda didn’t forget about the children. The project has events, outdoor and indoor playgrounds, kiddy pools and more for the children to enjoy.

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