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special design: Branded Homes

The concepts of architecture and fashion seem away from each other yet are used together most of the time. One is for the structures and the other for the humans, but both are the perfect combination of form and functionality. “Branded Houses”, a world trendy concept that turns a house into a piece of art by the magic touches of the talented designers, come to life in the project Toya Moda with the partnership of Toya and Dice Kayek. Follow closely the Fashion that will change the style of your life.

from the world-renowned fashion designer: reachable fashion

Dice Kayek brought into existence by the sisters Ece and Ayşe Ege is a design brand that lives in a universe between the traditionalism and modernism inspired by Istanbul. This brand has already become a design legend and, proved that the fashion is an art by winning the most prestigious award “Jameel Prize” considered as the Oscar for the world of art. Dice Kayek adopts the approach of a detailer and artist in fashion and, creates a new identity of couture based on its designs defined as simple and graphic called “modern romantic”.

it is now a Fashion in Istanbul ,
investments for the future

Forget about investing in bank accounts, gold or stocks, it is now a Fashion to make an investment in a house, which will never lose its value and guarantee your future. Toya Moda is located in Basın Ekspres Yolu considered as the new Maslak of Istanbul in respect of the investments in houses, shopping centers, offices and hotels in a Central Business Area. This area that has quickly increased in value offers the most reliable investment opportunities.

it is now a Fashion in Istanbul ,
to go easily wherever you want

Forget about getting away from the city life to find the peace, it is now a Fashion to go easily school, shopping, entertainment, in brief, wherever you want, and be in touch with life. From Toya Moda located in Basın Ekspres Yolu at the junction point of E-5 and TEM Highways, it takes 3 minutes to go to the Airport, 5 to Bakırköy, 5 to Yeşilköy, 10 to the IDO Pier and 20 to the Taksim Square. It is just a walking distance to the Ataköy-Basın Ekspres-İkitelli Metro. It is your choice to leave your car in the garage of Toya Moda and get away from the traffic entirely.

it is now a Fashion in Istanbul ,
to use the living spaces in the most efficient manner

Forget about the apartments bigger than you need causing extra heating, utility, cleaning costs etc., it is now a Fashion to live in such apartments that provide contemporary and functional solutions allowing you to make use of every inches. Toya Moda offers you such apartments addressing to all needs and tastes from studio to 3+1.

it is now a Fashion in Istanbul ,
to bring the freedom to the architecture

Forget about living all together in such buildings one within the other, it is now a fashion to make use freely your special living spaces in such a special project designed by an awarded architect and have a house that perfectly suits you. Toya Moda is designed by an awarded architect Bünyamin Derman who turns the luxury to a life style.

it is now a Fashion in Istanbul ,
to adopt the sustainability as
a life style

During and after the construction, Toya Moda considers the environment through its perfect structure with lower carbon emission and higher energy efficiency. 70% of the project is allocated as green field based on the sustainability policy to contribute to the idea to make the world a better place for the next generations. The project is a candidate for the gold level of the LEED certificate issued by the US Green Building Council.

it is now a Fashion in Istanbul ,
to bring hotel standard services to your home

Forget about wasting your time to meet your daily needs in the fast pace of life, it is now a Fashion to have such services and privileges in your home equally good to a luxurious hotel. Concierges from Toya Moda provide you with comfort and convenience for your day-to-day needs. 24/7 security services will keep you safe and sound at any time.

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