Talep Formu

Dice Kayek

Toya Moda is the proof by Dice Kayek
that the design is now affordable

Dice Kayek brought into existence by the sisters Ece and Ayşe Ege is a design brand that lives in a universe between the traditionalism and modernism inspired by Istanbul. This brand has already become a design legend and, proved that the fashion is an art by winning the most prestigious award “Jameel Prize” considered as the Oscar for the world of art. Dice Kayek adopts the approach of a detailer and artist in fashion and, creates a new identity of couture based on its designs defined as simple and graphic called “modern romantic”.

Dice Kayek has attracted the attention of the world due to its designs inspired by Istanbul and, now designs for Istanbul with the partnership of Toya. Breaking new ground in Turkey, Toya changes the understanding of fashion in architecture by entrusting its new project Toya Moda to the creative hands of Dice Kayek.

Integrating the environmentalist and sustainable items in the architectural designs, Dice Kayek is now making Toya Moda a piece of art that lives and will never be out of fashion. Dice Kayek magically touched every single detail from the design to the selection of colors of common and indoor areas… even of the door plates. Toya Moda will be perfectly suit for Istanbul.

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